During this corona crisis we are open and you can book an overnight stay and breakfast with us.

At an additional cost we also offer a packed lunch € 6.50 p.p. and a warm meal € 10.00 p.p.

Arrange this together with your reservation and call Erik +31 (0)6 26 27 80 95.


At the entrance of the B&B there is spray to disinfect the hands.

Hand contact is avoided.

The general toilet in the hall is out of order, each room has its own sanitary facilities.

Preferably pay with pin. Cash is accepted. Money back or exchange is not possible.

We keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other as much as possible in the hall / stairs, breakfast room and outside, such as the bicycle shed and terrace;

Enjoy your breakfast in our breakfast room, the tables are at an appropriate distance from each other.

We no longer use breakfast buffet. Breakfast is partly on the table and served.


The rooms, the stairs, handrails, door handles and the hall are cleaned extra. The soap supply is closely monitored and upon arrival you are requested to disinfect your hands.


We expect that if you have received or possibly found to be infected with Corona, that you report this to us immediately. This within a period of 14 days after your departure. We can inform the attending fellow guests to prevent further spread of this virus. We can also inform you the other way around.

We use the telephone / email information we receive from our guests via the guest registration form. We will respect the privacy rules as well as possible.